Over the years, WCB Construction has become one of the leading emerging construction firms in the country. We have earned our reputation through hard work, uncompromising precision, constant learning and adapting. We love what we do and the variety of projectson our portfolio proves the scope of our engineering and execution capabilities. We deliver a reliable and innovative range of services for dozens of projects around the country. Our uncompromising safety policy reduces preventable safety-related incidents and we also provide safety training for labour and management. The company's team members are passionate about engineering, infrastructure, design and understanding our clients' business needs and objectives.



WCB Construction has gradually made strategic investments in construction crew personnel, which is emphasised by our staff costs as indicated in the financial data. We plan to expand our investment in construction crew as contracts require skilled individuals with a talent for craftsmanship. The company prides itself on only hiring experienced tradesman for its crews.


WCB Construction will continue to provide our clients with high quality craftsmanship at competitive prices within the initial promised timelines via a highly efficient and responsive project implementation and tracking department within its office.  
By forming good long-term relationships with its suppliers, WCB Construction has been able to create product sourcing efficiencies, which minimises supply delays and contributes greatly toward the organisation’s effectiveness and success.
  Our office has been provided with the necessary, equipment, maintenance, design and infrastructure, and is a self-sufficient cost centre within the organisation. A bonus- and profit-sharing system, with the benefits clearly defined for everyone, is used to promote the company’s goals at all levels.
  Finally, the company has instituted an ongoing training programme to promote the most promising company personnel to retain a standard of excellence in workmanship.